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These are actual emails and letters that we have received:

" I just wanted to pass on how blown away I was by the amount and quality of the information that I received from you on that CD. Talk about invaluable. I just bought my wife a 55 fairlane as our new family car and having been an aircooled VW guy for years, I was without a point of reference other than the basics. With the CD you guys have put together, I could now rebuild the car correctly down to the correct wire connectors that ford installed in 1955. Within a day I am already half way through a rear main seal job. Thanks a million!
- Lyman D.
Richmond Hill, GA
" I purchased the 1934 Chevrolet shop manual on CD-ROM here on your site last year. I was getting ready to tear my car down over the winter, and having that manual really came in handy. Little things like WHERE do you adjust on the frame if the door doesn't swing exactly right (those wood frame cars are a bit different).
I received my CD ROM propmtly after I ordered, and I felt confident before ordering that coming through your site it would be a quality piece. I was NOT disappointed. Thanks for being here for those of us who have the 'hard to find stuff for' cars.
Stephen W. Glover
Golden Oldies Street Rod Association
West Virginia "


"Thanks for a great shop manual! It is the first one we have used on a CD, and it works great! We have a Classic & Muscle Car Restoration Shop, and the list that you included in the CD of companies that supply parts and services for classics has been a great help. These parts are becoming harder and harder to find and we need all the help we can get to keep the old classics on the road in grand style!! We didn't expect the extra help from ordering a shop manual.
Thanks again, Roxie,
Lot Of Cars 2, Cruzin Classics "


" I purchased the CD Rom of the complete Mopar Service Manual for my 1969 Plymouth Roadrunner Resto. It helped very much trying to find out where those missing parts went, and how to put things back together. It even has the wiring diagram which was very helpful. What I enjoy about the CD rom is, you can print out only what you need, punch 3 holes in it, put it in a binder for ref. You can tell the manual is genuine by some of the smudge marks on the pages that were scanned in.
-Jason Stiles "


" GearHead, the CD ROM that I bought was really helpful, I couldn't find a wiring diagram for my 1963 Ford anywhere, and to my suprise the cd-rom had it!
Thanks again,
-Jim Bo "


"I just want you to know that the last CD-rom I ordered (1950 Cadillac) was just great !!! Last year I ordered this CD-rom with only the shopmanual on it. That helped me a lot with my restoration and to get to know my car better. (this is my first American car, and also one from the Fifties, so I had a lot to learn ! ). Now I ordered a new one which includes also the Masterpartslist !!! Now Ive got everything I need.
Great product and easy to use !!!
Owner of a 1950 Cadillac 4d Sedan in the Netherlands. "


" Hi Jim, Thank you for your excellent service and manuals on CD, I have hundreds of shop manuals in stock but have found these CD`s are so good as they dont take up so much room and are easily run on the computer plus the content is very well put together..
Bryce Gray
Hillside Books
New Zealand "


"I have two old cars, a '62 Buick and a '72 Dodge. It took me two- three months to find worn out old copies of the Buick factory service manuals, I only managed to get them because a friend of a friend in California deals in old car literature. When I got my Dodge last year, I spent about a 1/2 hour searching on-line, and about a week later I got the GearHead Detroit Iron CD-ROM version of the '72 Dodge manuals. The CD version is much easier to search through than the paper version, and it's simple to print out necessary pages when I need to take them out to the car. The picture clarity is pretty good, I have not encountered any "black blobs" alleging to be diagrams as what happens with some poorly-scanned CD manuals. , I'm very satisfied with the product.
Alan Paul G. "

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Automotive Shop Manuals
Automotive Shop Manuals

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