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Runtime Error 7 Out of Memory


This is caused by a missing FM20.dll file in Windows Operating Systems. Left click on this file and save to your computer. NOTE the save to location, once the download is complete close all open programs and double click to open the file named " fm2paste.exe " to install.



Runtime Error 53 file not found

This is usually associated with Windows VISTA . go to "start", "all programs", "detroit iron folder", drag the Detroit Iron icon to your desktop, then Right click on the detroit Iron icon and choose "properties", choose the "compatibility" tab and choose "windows 98" or "XP service pack 2", then click "apply". Right click on the detroit Iron icon again and choose "run as administrator".


Update Version 2.0 Detroit Iron operating software now available.
This resolves the "unable to convert .mde", the need to install each additional CD manual, updates the viewer program, installs printer driver updates, and enhances the Home screen for easier Book - category then subcategory selections. For your free upgrade follow the instructions below.

1: Save this file to your computer  Detroit Iron 2.0 Update   Note the location saved in and file name "Detroit20Update.exe".
2: Uninstall your current version of Detroit Iron Information System program.
3: Double click to open the Detroit Iron Update 2.0 saved to your computer in step one.
4: Select Unzip
5: Window - Extract and Install Detroit Iron2.0 select "OK"
6: Window - WinZip Self-Extractor shows "Extracting....Please Wait" go ahead and select "Setup"
7: Then follow the on screen installation instructions to default locations.
8: To install the updated PaperPort Viewer Right click on START and select Explore or Explore All Users
9: On left side of screen locate the folder Program Files and left click the +
10: Locate folder Detroit "not Detroit Iron" and left click the folder
11: On  right side of screen locate the file PaperPort70.exe and double click to open.
12: Follow on screen installation instructions to all default locations.
13: Place your CD manual in to the CD drive in the autorun window select Close.
14: Left click on Start - Programs - Detroit Iron - Detroit Iron 2.0.

If you have one or more then one CD manual the Update only requires one installation. Place the correct CD to retrieve needed data from, in to the CD drive, our program will read that CD manual. The shortcut Detroit Iron 2.0 will operate all your Detroit Iron CD manuals

Not being ask to install PaperPort Viewer, unable to view images

Select and then save to your computer the option below. With W2K being for XP and 2000 and W98 for ME, 98 operating programs. Once the download is complete close all open programs, open the saved file and follow the screen options. Reinstall your Detroit Iron program to complete to process.

Class Factory Cannot Supply Requested Class

Cannot find CDROM drive

The problem:
Some people re-name their drive letters for various reasons
The software is looking down the line in alphabetical order until it sees a CD drive, if there is a blank gap between the CD and other drives on your computer the software stops looking, in the example below the software is looking for "E" and sees that there is nothing there and assumes that there is no CD drive then it reports the error.
C=hard drive
D=hard drive
E thru W =not used
X=CD drive < --here's the problem
The Fix:
go to "my computer" right click on the CD drive, choose "properties" and change the drive letter to the next available letter, in this case it would be "E", re-boot, and re-install software then install the fm2paste.exe patch located above.

Misc Runtime Errors

Runtime errors are actually problems in your Windows operating system rather then the program trying to load or operate and is subsequently causing the error message. Although we do not offer tech support for Microsoft products but I will try to help....

A common source of runtime errors is a corrupt windows registry which causes programs to malfunction. For example, the runtime error #7 which means a memory problem may not really have anything to do at all with a shortage of memory on your computer - rather is could be a problem resting in the file structure of your computer, A.K.A. the registry, which causes your program to malfunction.

How to Trouble Shoot and Eliminate a Runtime Error.

The good news is that there is an easy solution to eliminating most runtime errors. Programs such as Registry Mechanic by PC Tools or Registry Patrol from Patrol Software Labs that will run a series of trouble shooting diagnostic tests on your computer and not only identify any errors on your computer, but also fix them.

This is actually a pretty easy thing to do. What you want to do is download a reputable registry program such as Registry Patrol which is free do to and is the program I most recommend to my clients.

To download the program, go to their website CLICK HERE..., once you are there click on the green “ start registry scan now “ button. This will take you to their free download page where you can try out the program at no charge as well as run a full scan of your system to check for what is causing those error messages.

Depending on how many files your computer has on it, the scan will take anywhere from a few minutes to as long as 20 minutes to complete. Once the program is finished, it will report back to you about any errors it has found that are causing your computer to display runtime error messages.

Registry Patrol will check the entire file structure of your computer including file integrity, application extension problems ( how your programs interact with Windows when they run ) shared files, short cut issues and a host of other file sections that the average person could care less about just as long as their computer runs properly.

Once the program is done, you can then have it fix any problems it has found by simply clicking “ Fix the Problems “

There is a high degree of chance that any quality registry repair program will fix and eliminate those runtime issues you have been experiencing, and companies such as Registry Patrol offer guarantees with their programs to ensure that their program works or you don’t have to pay anything.

Keep in mind that we are mot affiliated with these companies and we do not support or guarantee their products, we are just trying to help you resolve the problem and point you in the right direction.

Any "registry cleaner" program will usually fix the problem, I went to TUCOWS and found another free one here:
As you are painfully aware, we are all at the mercy of the computer gods, no one is immuned, here at GEARHEAD we will always do our best to get the fixes and patches up on this page as fast as we can find them, Detroit Iron is the undisputed leader in shop manuals on CDROM, we will strive for a the day when all computers will work in harmony with all software, but until that day we must all push forward and battle every issue until it's resolved to your satisfaction.
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