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1952-1955 DeSoto Shop Manuals on CDrom

1952-1955 DeSoto Shop Manuals on CDrom

Price: $39.95
List Price: $49.95 Savings: $10.00


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This CDrom includes complete reproductions of 2 original printed paper manuals that De Soto mechanics used to repair and service cars. It includes the 585 page De Soto Shop Manual Models S-16, S-17, S-18 and the 725 page De Soto Shop Manual Models S-19 S-20 S-21 S-22. The CD includes detailed service procedures for front wheel suspension, rear axle, clutch & fluid drive, cooling system, electrical system, engine, fuel system, frame, springs, shocks, steering, transmission, universal joints & propeller shafts, wheels & tires, body repair, and lubrication. With the step-by-step illustrated instructions, specifications, and wiring diagrams in this manual, The CD format allows you to print out only the pages you need. This CDrom is the perfect resource to repair and restore all models of 1953-1955 De Soto Firedome S-16, Powermaster S-18, sedan, club coupe, S-19, S-20, S-21, and S-22, Fireflite, Sportsman, Coronado, convertibles, wagons, as well as the 1952 Firedome V-8 S-17.

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