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Automotive new used parts
Automotive new used parts
Automotive new used parts
Automotive new used parts

Find Parts for pontiac+locator Find Parts for puntiac+locator

Just like our printed parts locator books, our new CD-ROM part finder guides are organized and easy to use. Keyword Searchable information about everywhere to find NOS, oem reproduction, or aftermarket parts for your old classic car or truck or you can just browse entire sections just like the old paper version of our parts locator guides.

Looking for a piece of trim for your old Buick? or an ashtray for your DeSoto? engine parts for your musclecar? Our Guide will give you many salvage yards to shop. Save lots of time and money. No more greasy pages, wasted phone calls, and no more swap meets. (okay, forget the swap-meet comment we still love to go either way!)

  • Do you work on more than one kind of car? Now you don't have to buy several of our books at $29.95 each. Since we've put all 14 of our books on one CD-ROM, you can buy one Locating Guide on CD for $29.95 and only $9.95 each for instant access to additional books on the CD-ROM!

  • Better yet, If you work on ALL kinds of old cars and trucks or you are a shop owner, you can access all 14 editions on one CD-ROM by purchasing an "ALL-ACCESS" code for just $49.95
    Do the math, THAT'S OVER A $275 SAVINGS!

  • * SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS : PC with any version of Windows operating system.

    ORDER NOW! only $29.95

    Automotive new used parts Automotive new used parts Factory OEM Pontiac Shop Manuals
    CD-ROM!new used parts locator

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