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Build-A-Hog DVDs:

About The Author: Michael Durham

Michael earned a Master rating through Harley-Davidson University in 2003, after graduating from the Motorcycle Mechanics Institute in 2000. He apprenticed at San Jose Harley-Davidson, and was a lead mechanic for three of his six years at Palm Springs Harley-Davidson. He's owned a Harley since 1996, loves 'em - and will help you make yours the sweetest bike in the neighborhood

Michael's been a Harley fanatic since before he could drive. He's a great teacher, a hands-on guy whose style and instruction is easy to follow. And fun!

Available DVDs:

Build Your Own Bike DVD:

This user friendly 2 disc set is aimed at the Build Your Own Bike DVD ground-up and kit builder. Chopper, Bobber, or a Street Machine the process and steps are the same. Disc A is the mock-up stage. The most important step in ground-up or a kit. If it doesn't fit in mock-up, it won't work...

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Keep your hands off my Softail/Dyna Glide:

Softail/Dyna Glide
Model Years: 1986 to Present
Run Time: 59 Minutes

This maintenance video also covers the Evolution and Fatboy models. Michael will demonstrate the 45,000 mile service that Harley Davidson offers.

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Service my Sportster:

Model Years: 2004 to Present
Run Time: 49 Minutes

Even if you don't plan on servicing your own bike (and saving hundreds of dollars with the piece of mind of knowing it's done right!), you need this video

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Tune Up Tour Out:

Electra Glide/Road King
Model Years: 2000 to Present
Run Time: 59 Minutes

Everything you've ever wanted to know about performing a 45,000 mile service on an Electra Glide is in this video

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