1972 Buick Shop Manuals & Fisher Body Manual

1972 Buick Shop Manuals & Fisher Body Manual
This CDrom includes complete reproductions of 2 original printed paper manuals that Buick mechanics used to repair and service cars. It includes the: 1, 484 page 1972 Buick Chassis Service Manual and the 717 page 1972 Fisher Body Manual. The CD includes thorough service instructions for heater & air conditioning systems, brakes, fuel system, fuel pump, & carburetor, frame and body mountings, chassis sheet metal, radiator, clutch, manual transmission, engine tune-ups, accessories, and more. In the 1972 Body by Fisher Service Manual section, The CD includes out how to work on the convertible top, door locks, door handles, window cranks, power windows, trunk lid and lock, tail gate, manual seats, and power seats. Learn how to remove and install glass, vents, headlining, vinyl roofs, convertible top, weather-stripping, interior trim, door panels, arm rests, and exterior moldings. With the step-by-step illustrated instructions, specifications, and wiring diagrams on this CD, you will have the resource you need to repair your classic vehicle. You can print out only the pages you need, use them and toss them! The CD covers all models of 1972 Buick cars, including Skylark, GS, Estate Wagons, Le Sabre, Centurion, Electra, and Riviera.
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