This CD rom includes complete reproductions of 2 original printed paper manuals that Dodge mechanics used to service trucks. It includes the 489 page Dodge Truck Shop Manual B-3 series, and the 564 page Dodge Truck Shop Manual B-4 series. The CD includes detailed service procedures for lubrication, front axle, rear axle, brakes, clutch, cooling system, electrical system, engine, fuel exhaust system, frame, springs and shock absorbers, steering, transmission, universal joints, wheels, tires and body. With the step-by-step illustrated instructions, specifications, and wiring diagrams on this CD, The CD format allows you to print out only the pages you need. This CD rom is the perfect resource to repair and restore all 1951-1953 Dodge civilian trucks, including pickups, panels, power wagon, stakebeds, and larger trucks. Models B-3-B, B-3-C, B-3-D, B-3-PWCU, B-3-EU, B-3-F, B-3-FA, B-3-G, B-3-GA, B-3-H, B-3-HA, B-3-HH, B-3-HHA, B-3-GM, B-3-GMA, B-3-HM, B-3-HMA, B-3-HHM, B-3-HHMA, B-3-J, B-3-JA, B-3-K, B-3-, B-3-KA, B-3-JM, B-3-JMA, B-3-KM, B-3-KMA, B-3-R, B-3-RA, B-3-T, B-3-TA, B-3-V, B-3-VA, B-3-VX, B-3-Y, B-3-YA, and B-3-YX. Also models B-4-B, B-4-C, B-4-D, B-4-PW, B-4-DU, B-4-EU, B-4-, B-4-G, B-4-GA, B-4-H, B-4-HA, B-4-HM, B-4-HMA, B-4-J, B-4-JA, B-4-JM, B-4-JMA, B-4-K, B-4-KA, B-4-KMA, B-4-R, B-4-RA, B-4-T, B-4-TA, B-4-V, B-4-VA, B-4-Y, B-4-YA, and B-4-YX.

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1951-1953 Dodge Truck Service Manuals on CD rom

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Tags: 1951, 1952, 1953, 1951-1953 Dodge Truck Shop Manual


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